Twitter World: You are BORING me!


With my first tweet coming in August of 2009 I admit that I arrived to the Twitter scene much later than I should have. But in little more than half a year I have already started to become pretty bored with the service overall. Unfortunately it is not due to the core mechanics of Twitter or the idea behind it, instead the community of tweeters that I follow are simply boring me to tears. Why? Because they are using a Social Networking tool to be Anti-social, and that’s just frustrating!

So what do I mean when I say people are being anti-social on Twitter? While not many people that I follow are shying away from tweeting itself they are lacking in real peer-to-peer communication. What was established to be a social tool developed to help people get to know each other is starting to turn into a tool that people use to advertise themselves or their interests.

Lame Twitter

There is no doubt that the web design and development community is a very supportive place, there are not many other industries that really encourage the success of others like this one. But we should take some time to use all of these social networks we dive into to actually get to know each other and have some conversation.

Sure I get a lot of useful information from links that people post to their blogs, or their colleagues blogs and it’s pretty much always on topic. However, since I have joined the Twitter community I don’t feel like I have MET ANYONE and I certainly don’t feel like I know anyone any better because of it. THIS IS NOT BEING SOCIAL. This is about as social as a cork board in the lobby of a college dorm where you stand around reading about events that are going on.

So to all those out there in the Twitisphere please continue to post links to interesting blog posts, web sites, or resources but please take a little bit of time to actually be social with one another as well!

2 Responses to “Twitter World: You are BORING me!”

  1. Luca

    I totally agree with you Jason.
    Twitter world has become an overload of redundant information, and yes… pretty boring.
    But i could say the same about Facebook, so at this point, we’re probabily missing something. Social needs? Misusage of social tools? But what is a social tool, and most important, which is the right use of it?

    • Jason Gross


      Thanks for your comment! I will have to admit though that since I wrote this post my interactions with people on Twitter have improved a lot. I don’t think it’s because Twitter itself made any kind of shift but rather I found the appropriate people to follow.

      As for Facebook I think it suffers from two generations of users. I was a part of the college generation when only college students were allowed. As a result I interacted with people on facebook that I saw everyday. I still use facebook to keep up with my friends who have graduated and moved along in life but not a whole lot professionally.


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