Just When I Thought You Couldn’t Possibly Be Any Dumber


I enjoy a good movie as much as the next guy. I particularly enjoy myself a good comedy. Because of this I’ve decided to jump into a bit of a series of typographic posters that celebrate some of my favorite movie quotes. We are starting things off on a good foot with just one of the many classic lines that make Dumb and Dumber stand out as one of my favorite movies ever.

This project doesn’t stand simply as an expression of my favorite movie quotes. I have always been a fan of typographic posters and typography-based design projects so I wanted a good excuse to get some practice in and improve my own skill set. Additionally this is a bit of a marketing experiment on Pinterest and Facebook as well, mostly Pinterest. So check it out and let me know what you think. Also, if you have some favorite movie quotes that you think would make a good addition to this set drop them in the comments!


Dumb and Dumber


Typefaces used for this project were the Ostrich Sans family and Lavanderia.

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