Do You Need A New Website?


So before you make the plunge into actually getting a website designed you always ask yourself the question, do I really need a website? Or maybe its do I really need a new website? Or maybe you don’t ask this question and instead you throw some bread in the toaster, grab some cash, slather it with butter, put it all together and eat your money.

For those who are already full the second question is easier to answer because its always yes! If you have had your website for more than an hour then you could probably use another one! We do the same thing with our website that we do with our car, TV, and Stereo. As soon as we have one we start to look at everyone else’s and say “well mine does this but yours doesn’t” or maybe “why doesn’t mine have that cool feature yours does?”. Face it your website could be updated by the minute with new features and designs and all kinds of cool things but usually it just doesn’t make financial sense. So if you currently have a website and are asking yourself if you need a new one send me an e-mail because your answer is yes.

Now what do you do if you don’t have a website? How do you value your product or service on the internet?

A lot of people might say “I don’t want people to order my product online” or you don’t even have a product to sell online for that matter. The truth of the matter is that you are not alone, as a matter of fact you are in the vast majority as most companies simply use their website to provide information to their customer. So maybe a productive thing to do is rethink the question. Do you have anything to sell on the internet? Yes! You do. Your website may not produce actual sales and it may not be used for transactions but you still need to sell the company, sell your service or your product, you are selling your image!

So then its settled right? The web designer is telling everyone that they need a website, we are all in a state of shock and awe. But wait! There’s more!

I’ll admit it, not everyone needs a website. Consider your audience before you dive into the world wide web. While I certainly love my parents and grandparents they just haven’t quite gotten the grasp of this Internet stuff, or anything that runs on electricity in general (sorry guys). But the youth! Oh the youth! Purveyors of the digital dominion, establishing the foothold of our generation and making a name for ourselves in the databases and hard drives of the world! We have a profound grasp on the web, and we spend a lot of time on it!

So who are you targeting? Lets do a quick case study!

Grandy’s is a national chain of restaurants, and while they have great biscuits, the place is always full of old people. As you might expect their website sucks. But that’s okay, because no one ever goes to it. Compare it to the website for Buffalo Wild Wings and experience a true world of difference. I am happy to say that both of these companies have explored the Internet in the right way. Grandy’s will not benefit from an immaculate web presence where as Buffalo Wild Wings has some selling points on the web, just because they advertise to a younger crowd that can check out their website between tweets and facebook updates.

So consider your audience before you run off and get a new web page but remember there is always something to sell!

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