Apple iPad: Am I Required To Be Impressed?


Because I am not. I can’t help but see all of these rave reviews on the Apple iPad and how it’s a digital revolution and a part of me just feels like this has to be a joke that I have been left out on. I caught some of Steve Jobs’ presentation on various YouTube videos that will probably be removed sooner or later and I simply didn’t see any features to be impressed with.

I own an iPhone, and its great. The iPhone truly does things that no other phone can and I am very happy with it. But I have always been skeptical of Apple’s marketing techniques. Obviously it works for them because they have been propelling themselves back into the market mainstream quite rapidly since the invent of the iPod but to me its all the same old games. I never did buy an iPod because I saw this game played out where Apple slowly releases minimal upgrades in order to keep their product at a high price. I never understood why people ran to the store to turn in their old 16gig iPod for a new 16gig iPod with a color screen when you hardly ever look at the screen! Now Apple is playing the same game with the iPhone.

This time we are going in reverse. Where the iPod went smaller every generation until you could glue it to your fingernail the iPhone is apparently getting larger, oh its being re-named as well. First we went from the iPhone3G to the iPhone3G[S] which can do MMS and a few other small features that really should have been a part of the iPhone software. To me it wasn’t worth the $300 to send a MMS directly to a contact instead of using the common known e-mail workaround. I am glad I didn’t upgrade because 2 months later a software upgrade gave my iPhone those same MMS capabilities.

Now here we are at the next stage and getting larger. The iPad is an awkward size. Something between a phone and a full laptop. So I can’t carry it in my pocket, and it doesn’t fit well with anything you might be using currently to carry your laptop or macbook. Don’t worry about leaving those things behind though because if you want to call or text someone you will still need the phone, and if you want to actually use an operating system that allows you to store and share files you are still going to need your laptop as well. Don’t worry though, if you want to browse the web the iPad will let you “See the entire web site!” holy cow! The entire web site? At one time? Crazy!

As a web designer this device has no uses for me. As a general consumer this device definitely has no uses for me.

2 Responses to “Apple iPad: Am I Required To Be Impressed?”

  1. stadja

    I do agree with you. Totally.

    Except that I think that the IPhone isn’t as cool as everybody says… but yep… MacBooks are neet!

  2. Ping Frasher

    Lots of of bloggers not very pleased with this new iPad.There was just too much hoopla over it and lots of people got turned off.Quite frankly, I actually see lots of the awesome potential uses of this device. Third-party soft for doing music, games, papers and magazines and books, tons of neat stuff, but they just didn’t really sell it properly (aside from the books). It smells rather undercooked


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