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The Role Of Design In The Kingdom Of Content

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If content sits at the top of the food chain, why do we spend so much time talking about the finer points of design? Every day we debate, experiment with and discuss topics that easily fall into the category of aesthetics, enhanced functionality and layout; in fact, relatively rarely do we talk about content. Nevertheless, even though we should concede that content is king in this realm, this doesn’t mean that design should be devalued.

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8 Things you Might Believe about Web Design

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Between trying to write on a regular basis I try to stay involved with the community via all of the standard social networks and a lot of reading… a lot of reading. Through all of the reading and tweeting it is inevitable that I see similar ideas and topics coming out of different sources. When you make an effort to involve yourself with as much of the design community as possible there will be some overlap. However, there are some topics that seem to come up quite frequently and I fear that their popularity is driving people to actually believe them.

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