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Web Design is Hard

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When it comes to web design, it’s all fun and games until someone wants revisions. There is no shortage of aspects that make this job a hard one. Some of them, like consistently emerging technologies, new techniques and a rapid pace might seem like aspects that make this job hard for those looking from the outside in. On the contrary, I find that a lot of these things make what I do exciting and serve as a method for keeping my interest peaked.

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Web Design is Easy

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I have come to accept that I have an easy job. Of course we live in a world where outside of high school having an easy job may not be something to be particularly proud of but I am. Now when I say that my job is easy I don’t mean I don’t put any effort or any time into what I do, quite the opposite really. Now you may say that this post already has a misleading title but you must understand that I don’t consider either of these things a real factor in what makes a job easy or hard.

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The Medium Is The Message

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Since the early days of communication, humanity has been captivated by the methods it uses to convey and preserve information. How we communicate with each other defines who we are and constitutes so much of what makes a culture and an individual unique. Over the centuries, we have seen media evolve across a wide array of channels, from print to radio to television to the Internet. Each one of these channels, or media, has its own unique characteristics, much like the people who use them.

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