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Embossed Titles with CSS3

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While we haven’t reached a solid point of browser compatibility for CSS3 and HTML5 yet there are some exciting features that are ready for implementation. The trick with using the latest and greatest in HTML and CSS technology is to be sure that those who are not blessed with the most updated of browsing experiences are not alienated by your site.

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Stop providing multiple design options

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When I first started out in this whole freelance web design world, one of the first things I needed to figure out was how to pitch and manage projects with clients. Of course this is a logical early move because if you can’t sell someone on your services then you aren’t going to need to worry about anything else. I never sat down and really thought up a formal method for delivering my sales pitch to potential clients, instead I picked it up through trial and error. One thing I quickly gathered was this notion that you always tell the client they are going to get to see 2 or 3 entirely different design options at an early stage in the project. However, as I progress as a freelance designer I am starting to learn that this is actually a bad habit worth ditching.

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