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Twitter World: You are BORING me!

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With my first tweet coming in August of 2009 I admit that I arrived to the Twitter scene much later than I should have. But in little more than half a year I have already started to become pretty bored with the service overall. Unfortunately it is not due to the core mechanics of Twitter or the idea behind it, instead the community of tweeters that I follow are simply boring me to tears. Why? Because they are using a Social Networking tool to be Anti-social, and that’s just frustrating!

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Skill Sets vs. Social Networks

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As a freelance designer I spend plenty of time reading posts and articles about how to best serve current or potential clients. I find that soaking up the wisdom of great designers matches beautifully with my charming demeanor and humble nature resulting in the happiest clients on the internet. One topic I have observed a divide in, is how to best serve a client who has a project that requires more than one skill set ( whether they know it or not). To me there are 2 solutions to this problem.

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